[QINGDAO] I Can Be Your Special Private Assistant

I Can Be Your Special Private Assistant

If you really want to spend a very special time - day, evening (and night), than you should go out with me. We can have lunch or dinner together, than I can be your tourguide and show you around in Shanghai and I can be your special private assistant, support you much better than your Shanghai girlfriend would do, we can go to some bar, have drinks, hot talk, hot dance... and and and... if we both like much more can happen...
I am a very slim, cute and sexy high class girl and you can be sure I will enjoy every second we spend together... same than you!!!... Really EVERY part of the time we will spend together ;-).
I can speak very good english and I will be for you what ever you dream about... dress like an elegant model (with sexy stockings ;-) to impress your friends at a high class restaurant, dressed like your girlfriend or like a hot bargirl...
Don't hesitate to ask me now! Let all your dreams come true... why you should wait? contact me now! I will be you high class "girlfriend" for the time we stay together, you will be my "gentleman-boyfriend", so please be nice to me, don't talk bad to me... not on phone, not in our date, I am not your h-o-o-ker!... Thanks!
Call me 24 hour!